Tea Shop Incident

Tea Shop Incident
   (March 12, 1988)
   Against a backdrop of economic distress, the tea shop incident, which occurred in northern Rangoon (Yangon) on the evening of Saturday, March 12, 1988, was the small spark that led to the massive demonstrations of Democracy Summer and the end of the Burma Socialist Programme Party regime. The most commonly accepted account is that a fight broke out at the Sanda Win Teashop between students of nearby Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT, now Yangon Technological Institute) and local youths over the choice of music to be played on the shop's cassette player. One of the students was injured by a local youth, who was arrested but later released on bail because his father was chairman of the local People's Council. On March 13, units of the Lon Htein (Riot Police) attacked RIT students who were protesting this abuse of power, and at least two students, including Maung Phone Maw, were killed.
   See also White Bridge Incident.

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